Israel’s Social-network Herd of Elephants Knows All

The Facebook and social-network people don’t represent public opinion. They’re extremists who hate everything.

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One of the most basic rules for survival in a jungle is that when a herd of elephants is running at you, move aside. That is, if you want to stay alive.

This isn't only true for an African jungle, it’s true for our Israeli jungle. According to the rules, you’re not allowed to deviate a millimeter from the elephant-herd consensus on Facebook and the other social networks. The herd considers itself very democratic and supportive of pluralism and freedom of expression, but if you try, even politely, to express a slightly different opinion, you’ll be done in by endless caustic posts and tons of lies – which are actually much worse than an elephant herd.

Let's make one thing clear: The Facebook and social-network knights don’t represent public opinion. They’re extremists who hate everything alive. They see politicians as criminals fit to be executed. The establishment is evil, always wrong and knows nothing. In contrast, the Facebook gang knows everything about all important matters.

Their power comes from their control of the social networks. They have plenty of free time, passion and computer skills. The old media are influenced by them, treating them as if they represent public opinion.

But they don't. They're not the majority. They don’t represent public opinion. In the last poll – the election – they received precious few votes. Most votes went to the parties of Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett. My friend Alon Idan dared write last Friday that not everybody has to attack Haaretz's PR campaign. Idan only wrote against the knee-jerk response but immediately drew the herd's wrath.

The elephant-herd people are big experts on all matters. They know exactly who should be the next governor of the Bank of Israel, even though they don’t have the slightest idea about the central bank’s role. The only thing that matters to them is that the candidate doesn’t support the free market, privatization or competition. If he does, he's not fit. And if got his PhD at the University of Chicago, he must be executed by the elephant herd.

Another example: the situation at Ashdod Port. On the one hand the herd people are uneasy with the reign of terror there by Alon Hassan, the head of the port’s workers’ committee. They understand that someone went too far with outlandish wages, strikes, slowdowns and severe damage to imports and exports; all this harms the economy and causes price hikes.

But on the other hand, this is organized labor, so dear to the herd. So the answer is obvious: We mustn’t build a private port next door because it will be a blow to organized labor. All the finance and transport ministry calculations are worthless. The herd knows about deep-water ports so much better than the evil establishment.

The same applies to the polio inoculation campaign. The herd people are true health experts. They completed their medical studies with honors and don't believe Health Minister Yael German or the ministry experts and doctors because, obviously, the whole idea behind inoculation is a whim by some pharmaceutical company bent on making millions at our expense, with the establishment’s full cooperation. And please don't confuse us with facts and research. Inoculations are bad, and the medical establishment is even worse.

I also pity the policeman who used a Taser during an arrest in the settlement of Yitzhar. The herd doesn’t believe the police but sides with the righteous Boaz Albert, who was caught breaching a restraining order, lay down on the floor, kicked and resisted arrest. The policeman of course is part of the establishment, so by definition he’s the evil one and must be destroyed.

Oy, I can already hear the herd stamping in my direction.

But in Israel, you get a whole herd.Credit: Tibor Jager