Benny Gantz, I Found More Terrorist Groups for You to Outlaw

B. Michael
B. Michael
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Defense Minister Benny Gantz.
Defense Minister Benny Gantz.Credit: Hadas Parush
B. Michael
B. Michael

Benny Gantz recently began to hunt down and outlaw terror-supporting organizations. It goes without saying that anyone with information about additional terror-supporting organizations must bring this to the attention of the defense minister, so that he can outlaw them as well.

The classic definition of “terror” is very simple: the intimidation of a civilian population through violent and illegal acts in order to achieve a political objective. That’s all. In Israel, the word “terror” has swelled to grotesque dimensions: We have “diplomatic terror,” “judicial terror,” “sports terror” and “economic terror” – and I’ve even heard of “acoustic terror.”

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But there is one kind of terror that, although it precisely meets the requirements of the classic definition, is not included in this linguistic inflation. The terror to which I am referring is patently illegal, entirely contrary to international law and, in part, to Israeli law as well. It resorts to hair-raising violence and sickening wickedness against a civilian population, and causes fear, death, suffering and dispossession – all aimed at accomplishing one, and only one, political goal: to make them scram.

And even though that’s all it takes to be awarded the title “terror,” there is almost no one (in Israel) who dares to call this wild growth “terror” – or, to use its full name, “settlement terror.”

As is customary in terror organizations, settlement terror has a political arm, a military arm and an ideological leadership. Unlike conventional terror organizations, however, there is no conflict between settlement terror and the government in the area in which it operates. On the contrary: There is a warm symbiosis. The government provides land, funding, security, employment, legal support and a blind eye. The organization provides the manpower and the ideological backing.

Following, for the benefit of the defense minister, is a list of organizations that (allegedly, of course allegedly) support settlement terror:

• The Yesha Council of settlements. The umbrella organization of the local governments of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, which coordinates all the arms.

The Jewish National Fund. Channels money, aims to acquire land for building more and more nests of settlers, and helps to deepen ethnic segregation and religious discrimination.

The World Zionist Organization Settlement Division. A deep well of money that contributes significantly to strengthening and encouraging settlement terror.

The Civil Administration. A euphemism for the military dictatorship in the occupied territories. Responsible for making the lives of settlement terror activists easy, and the lives of its victims hard.

• The Yesha Rabbis’ Council. The “ideologues” who devise the divine justification for any abomination that appeals to them.

The Israel Defense Forces. Routinely provides armed protection to those who perpetrate pogroms against the civilian population, steal their crops and chop down their trees.

That’s all for now. Six organizations that support settlement terror. There are more, of course. Amana, the settlement arm of Gush Emunim; the Administrator General and Official Receiver (formerly the Custodian of Absentee Property); the one-eyed media – but we shouldn’t overburden his honor, the defense minister. Six organizations is apparently his daily quota.

On second thought, there’s no way around adding one more organization to the list: Israel. After all, it gave rise to settlement terror, from its very first day. And while settlement terror now controls the state, rather than the other way around, vice versa, doing with it as it pleases, suckling at its teats and bringing about its downfall, the State of Israel too should be outlawed.

And after his honor the minister has finished outlawing all the abovementioned institutions, he can rest from all his work, and to outlaw himself as well.

But he should take a sweater. It’s cold outside.

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