Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Danger to Israel

The prime minister bears responsibility for everything bad that happens among us and around us.

Yoel Marcus
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, May 2015.Credit: Marc Israel Sellem
Yoel Marcus

Instead of worrying about a nuclear bomb that may or may not threaten us in 15 years, it would be better if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to stop the explosion threatening us from within. And now, not at the end of days.

For example, he responded nonchalantly to the fake video of President Reuven Rivlin in an SS uniform. Its the same Rivlin who was Knesset speaker and his own party struck him down as a presidential candidate, choosing instead Moshe Katsav – the most glorious of Likud presidents.

Its the same Netanyahu who didnt respond or see the huge portraits of Yitzhak Rabin in SS uniform in Zion Square, in October 1995. Its the same Netanyahu who, in a Likud gathering, asked the masses if everyone here is a Likud member. When they roared yes, he said Thank God and took off his bulletproof vest. What a hero.

The less he does, the more certain Netanyahu is of being reelected. Its the same Bibi who, instead of relying on an American president who is committed to our security, harnesses himself to the Republican cart.

The situation is extremely bad. Not only because Netanyahu is placing Jewish voters in the United States in a bind, but because hes also awakening the racist prejudices of the double-interest voters. This is his speciality: anything Bibi touches turns into a mess. He released the demons known as hating the other: Arab versus Jew; Jew versus Arab; center versus left; Mizrahim versus Ashkenazim.

Remember his famous whisper to the late Rabbi Kaduri? They [the left] have forgotten what it means to be Jewish. Thats typical Netanyahu – a professional fosterer of hatred. What begins at the top spreads downward. An insane man draws out a knife at a parade. A Jew throws a firebomb and kills an infant. Stones are hurled at cars. Everyone is pitted against everyone else. The writing on the wall in Jerusalem becomes a nationwide epidemic, until the tar turns to blood.

Since its establishment, Israel has been seen as a democracy. But as the madness continues to grow, the less convincing these slogans sound. A state without equal rights for all, which doesnt recognize the others right to live as a citizen, cannot hold onto occupied land for nearly 50 years without creating deep distortions.

Were stuck in a nightmare situation. Despair is winning out. When we said there would be a battle over the High Court of Justice, we didnt believe an MK would suggest knocking it down with a bulldozer. And what madness has overtaken Deputy Interior Minister Yaron Mazuz, who warned the Arabs that well take their ID cards away? And what was Netanyahu thinking when he presented himself as mourning the murder of Shira Banki and saying he too had attended the same high school near the university?

Netanyahu is leading a party whose members are aligned with the most frenzied wave of Israeli politics. Israel has lost its glory in the enlightened world since Likud rose to power. But the despair isnt only coming from the outside; its also from the inside. The lack of confidence in the government is so great that even building a light rail network in Tel Aviv is seen as a move that will ruin our lives.

Netanyahu bears responsibility for everything bad that happens among us and around us. How many times have we warned that hate crimes against Arabs is a dangerous phenomenon? But he is threatening not only Iran, he is gradually causing real damage to the Jewish influence in the United States as well. Theres danger in everything he touches. Netanyahu is dangerous to Israel.

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