Arabs Watch Out (For Israeli Racism)

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Mahmoud Mansour and Morel Malka on their wedding day, August 17, 2014.Credit: Ofer Vaknin

“Arab watch out, my sister is not public property,” shouted demonstrators at Morel Malka and Mahmoud Mansour. The couple, she an Israeli Jew who converted to Islam, celebrated their wedding on Sunday night. That’s an excellent slogan, which should be written in the top blue stripe of the Israeli national flag. Because no saying could better or more precisely summarize the values of the undemocratic, chauvinist, ultranationalist and racist Jewish state.

First of all, the appeal to an “Arab,” not to a Muslim or a member of any other faith. Because we don’t care that Malka converted to Islam. After all, we are the People of the Book and we are very tolerant of other religions. Besides, according to Jewish law, even if she converts she remains Jewish, so that no demographic harm was done. But Arabness is something else. Arabness is the national enemy. Anyone who abandons Judaism for it betrays his country, sabotages the unity of the race, pollutes the pure blood.

A Jew who converts to Islam is considered at most a harmless lunatic. But if he marries an Arab woman, we will excommunicate him. Because the “idolatry” into which he has been swept is not prayer in a mosque nor fasting during Ramadan. The convert to Islam, as part of his new life, must hate Israel. Because after all, they, the Muslims, are just like us, aren’t they? Islam and hatred of Israel go hand in hand, just like Judaism and hatred of Arabs. These are pathological axioms that cannot and should not be refuted.

There is just one inconsistency that disturbs this bizarre equation. The convert to Islam does not become Arab, he only changes his religion. But what difference does that make. Arab, Muslim, Iranian, Turk, Sunni, Shi’ite — they’re all enemies of Israel, so they’re all Arabs. That is how Arabness has become a religion of its own. Thus Malka converted twice: one to Islam and once, according to those who oppose her marriage, when she adopted the religion of Arabness. And so “Arab (whether you are Muslim, Christian or Alawite, whether you serve in the Israel Defense Forces or belong to the Islamic Movement) watch out.”

The second part of the national slogan, “my sister is not public property,” is even more fascinating.

“My sister” is the property of the nation and a symbol of Jewish manhood. “My sister,” every Arab must know, is my homeland. She has no will of her own other than what I give her. She has no personality other than the one I create for her. My sister was created in my image. If “my sister” falls prey to your Arab charms, the failure and the insult are mine. She, after all, is just a woman, what does she know? And you the Arab know, as I do, that if your sister is raped it is your fault, because you did not protect her.

Were we not enlightened by the wise men of Bar-Ilan University who made very clear that the only thing that could prevent terror attacks is for the terrorist to know that his mother or his sister would be raped as a consequence of his actions? As it is for you, Arab, the honor of “my sister” is my honor. No man can damage it, only I can do that. “My sister” is the essence of my national identity, and in any case of my religious identity. With me, as with you, religion and nationalism, “sisters” and sacred lands, are in our mothers’ milk and our blood. Take “my sister” and you have robbed my identity.

One more word to our leftist brothers, who stood at the entrance to the private wedding and wished the couple only love and all good things. We saw how you agonized when Morel — I apologize for calling her by her first name, but after all she is our sister — decided to convert to Islam. You already had a vision of how a Jewish woman marries an Arab Muslim, brothers dwell together, love between nations, world peace. And suddenly — disappointment. Morel did not consent to sacrifice herself for you, to be a symbol and to carry the flag. Suddenly you realized that Morel is just a woman in love, far from radical feminism, who in her weakness agreed to convert to Islam rather than insist that her husband convert to Judaism. She is no Joan of Arc. She certainly is not worthy of being “your sister.” Leave her to those who know how to protect the daughters of Israel.

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