Netanyahu Must Decide if He's the Prime Minister of the Jewish Nation or Israel

Netanyahu is betraying his job. This man has to go, and soon. We are all tasked with that sacred mission, and especially the Arab citizens.

A screenshot from Netanyahu's Election Day, March 17, 2015 Facebook video warning supporters that Arabs were voting in "droves."

The person responsible for the welfare of Arab citizens, among other things, and who is also supposed to cover them while they’re sleeping lest they catch a cold, is the same person who is inciting against them.

On the day he was elected, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aroused the Jews against their Arab brothers, claiming that they were headed to the polls in droves in the service of the left, which was also a victim of his incitement. After all, this is the same Netanyahu who whispered in the ear of kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kedourie that “the left has forgotten what it is to be a Jew.”

One steamy summer day he tried to arouse the Muslims against the Christian Arabs, when he adopted the accusation that a Christian soldier had been attacked by Muslims – a story refuted by the police several hours later. But the climax came when, from an improvised dais on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street, opposite the fresh blood that had been spilled, the prime minister placed all the Arab citizens of the country on the same side of the barrier as the murderer who had killed two young Jews.

And because there is no record that this man can’t break, including his own record, last week he declared, before the end of the police investigation, that a mentally challenged Jewish girl had been raped for nationalist reasons. As usual, the accusation was refuted as quickly as it was made.

And this is the same man who brazenly declared that the Arabs have to decide whether they are ready to be loyal citizens of the country.

Netanyahu is betraying his job. This man has to go, and soon. We are all tasked with that sacred mission, and especially the Arab citizens. The poet Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi said: “He who reconciles himself to degradation invites more degradation after all, no wound hurts a dead man.” Even after the many wounds that the man has inflicted on them, the Arabs haven’t forgotten Al-Mutanabbi’s words.

Mr. Arch-inciter, you must decide whether you’re the prime minister of the Jewish nation or the prime minister of Israel. Meanwhile the Mark of Cain is stamped on your forehead and affects your legitimacy as prime minister.

Now this serial inciter is making a lot of noise, something about a shiny window of opportunity that is walking the streets, from which one can look toward a bright future. Most of the town’s children refuse to believe this inarticulate performance. From their parents they have learned the Arab proverb that says: “Anyone who tries what has already been tried is not right in the head.” But there’s one strange child in the neighborhood, who as soon as he was told about the marvelous window is already stamping his feet impatiently. He wants to look, and his parents are in shock.

It’s a fake window, not a window of opportunity! After all, the entire world knows that the only one benefiting here from the “window of opportunity” is the same person who has the entire region by the throat, and that if he decides to let go, there will be a different window of opportunity, a far better one. That man is called Netanyahu. The same one who continues to build in the settlements, to rule over millions of Palestinians under occupation and closure, to ignore international law, and lately to beef up his government by adding a terrifying right-wing element, with the help of the Yisrael Beiteinu party headed by Avigdor Lieberman.

After all, we aren’t idiots. Where will a window of opportunity come from? From Mahmoud Abbas? The man who every time he plans to exit the gates of the Muqata has to ask nicely for permission from a Civil Administration official?

There’s hasn’t been such maskhara (wheeling-dealing) since the heady days of Israel’s legendary finance minister. When the late Pinhas Sapir, who constantly imposed taxes on the citizens, heard someone saying the Arabic world “maskhara,” he asked with shining eyes: What mas? What mas? (mas is the Hebrew world for tax). Mas khara (a shitty tax), sir, they answered. Well, Netanyahu’s window of opportunity is both a bad joke and a shitty tax, which we will still be paying with interest, with more disappointments and with more suffering, and the main thing – with many more years of Netanyahu’s rule.