A Little Cleansing Here, a Little Expulsion There

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Israeli soldiers check their weapons at a staging near the West Bank city of Hebron April 15, 2014. Credit: Reuters

Don’t be confused! The protocol that Amira Hass revealed last week in Haaretz (“IDF uses live-fire zones to expel Palestinians from areas of West Bank, officer admits,”) is not another chapter in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It is the official protocol of the subcommittee of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that discussed Palestinian construction in Area C of the West Bank.

Really, why should you, despicable anti-Semites, waste your time and imagination composing libels about the Jews? Instead, copy the protocols of the heroes of the army, and they have wonderful protocols. What’s more, they are more authentic. Here are senior military officers who are willing and able to carry out the requests of the extreme right-wing politicians — a brotherhood of warriors discussing how to expel Palestinians from their land.

True this is not cleansing in vast proportions. Let’s just say, for the comfort of the sensitive reader, it’s a little bit of cleansing. And here you can see sophisticated Zionism, alive and kicking: Not like in the past, a mere dunam here and a dunam there. Now we have a little bit of ethnic cleansing here, a little expulsion there, and the path to a country free from Arabs is secure.

So much for current events. Now let us move on to the past, or the past that never was, according to the University of Haifa. They say about Yeshayahu Leibowitz that when he was asked to close the window because it was cold outside, he would wonder: And if the window is closed, will it stop being cold outside? It seems that is what they believe at the University of Haifa, where they prevented Arab students from marking Nakba Day.

And if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who espouses “a single historical truth,” says the Nakba in general marks the “disaster” of the establishment of the State of Israel. He speaks as if the Nakba happened in the Stone Age or on another planet, and now the Palestinians are working hard, with great chutzpah, to link it to the day of the founding of the State of Israel.

By the way, this fits in quite well with the in-depth research of the Anti-Defamation League, which revealed in a recently conducted survey that the Palestinians head the list of anti-Semitic peoples. It is truly strange that after all the good that Israel has done for the Palestinians, the fire of hatred still burns within them.

But in such matters there is no one better than former Defense Minister Moshe Arens to explain the past to us, as he does in an April 19 opinion piece. The Nakba, according to his theory, is a complete and total lie. And the proof is that Arab armies rose up against Israel on May 15, 1948.

The situation of these Arab countries at that time was as follows: Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were under the rule of British imperialism. The same British who abandoned the Arabs of Palestine on May 15 to the benevolence of the merciful David Ben-Gurion. The Palestinians remember very well the Arabic expression “We have no orders,” as spoken by the officers of the Iraqi Army in response to the Palestinians’ request to protect them from the attacks of the Haganah. And let us not forget Syria and Lebanon, countries which only two years earlier were under French colonial rule.

And if all this was not enough, Arens wants the Palestinians to recognize their mistakes, like Germany and Japan did — no less. In other words, the Palestinians need to apologize for their Kamikaze pilots who bombed Gaza harbor? And I wonder why, of all countries, Germany? Is there no normal country that the Palestinians can learn from? The use of Germany reveals Arens’ intentions: To besmirch the Palestinians with evil from another world. And so, the Germans have a savior. You thought there was nothing in history that compares to the evil of the Third Reich? Arens invented a similar evil — that of the Palestinians. And so, my dear Palestinians, your self-pity will not erase the remains of the death camp Sakhnin-Wald, or the concentration camp Jaffa-Hausen.

And if it was not so monstrous, it would be possible to die laughing.

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