10 Commenters on the Paris Terror Attacks I Can Do Without

Those who equate Palestine with ISIS to erase the occupation, and those who blame Palestine for ISIS to erase Israel.

An employee draws "Pray for Paris" on the door of a popular French restaurant in New York City a day after the attacks in Paris, November 14, 2015.

In the hours and days following the horrific carnage in Paris, politicians, pundits and commenters have taken to the airwaves and social media to register their reactions, opinions and advice. After careful consideration, I have compiled a list of those I could happily live without. You are welcome to make up your own.

1. People who gloat at France’s misery, because of its perceived hostility to Israel and/or Jews and/or the collaboration of the World War II Vichy government with the Nazis.

2. Those who use the Paris attack to criticize the recent European Union decision to label products from Jewish settlements in the territories. Those who think the attacks are just and divine retribution for the decision. 

3. Those who say the Paris attacks prove there should be no restrictions on owning guns.

4. Those who blame President Obama for the outbreak of ISIS jihadism while ignoring the fact that it was his predecessor George Bush who let this raging genie out of the bottle in the Iraq war; but also those who blame Bush for the craziness without mentioning that Obama has had 7 years to try and contain it, but has only made things worse.

5. Those who use the Paris attacks to tar all Muslims and their faith, but also those who turn a blind eye towards any connection whatsoever between radical Islamism and terror. 

6. Those who equate ISIS terror in Europe with Palestinian violence and terror in Israel because they want to erase the occupation, and those who trace each and every case of worldwide Muslim terrorism back to Palestine because they want to erase Israel.

7. Those who are already espousing “false flag” theories, including those of an anti-Semitic nature; those who are keen to force an anti-Jewish narrative on the attacks in Paris and on the Islamic State’s war against the West, as if they can’t stand having a terrorist attack in which Jews are not the intended victims.

8. Those who use the Paris attacks to whip up fear and suspicions towards helpless refugees from the Middle East and those who ignore the huge security risk that unencumbered acceptance of the refugees entails for Europe as a whole.

9. Those who are sitting and plotting right now how to take political advantage of the Paris attacks, how to spin them, how to exploit them, how to boost up one’s rating with them, perhaps even how to make a buck on the side. Those for whom the tragedy became a talking point before the bodies of the victims are laid to rest.

10. Those who know exactly what, where, why and how needs to be done, and say anyone who thinks otherwise is a warmonger, a defeatist or just plain stupid.