Operation Immunize Israel

Yishai must have read the chapter in his history book on unclean nations who should be gotten rid of, along with the lice they are infested with. Meanwhile, we can keep them in forced labor camps.

The government and the man heading it are doing a good thing by vaccinating the population against viruses in Operation Immunize Israel - and not only against swine flu, which is by no means the greatest threat to our public health. There are graver menaces at our doorstep.

Some top ministers have shown determination to extricate us from all of the 49 gates of contamination and defilement. What a pity that they themselves are not the strictest observers of the rules of hygiene; even as they execute this sacred work they clear their throats and spit, sneeze, cough, without always bothering to cover their mouths or wear surgical masks.

It was Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon who launched the campaign not long ago, after he was the first to identify that dangerous virus - the left-winger - and especially its most virulent form, Peace Now, in our bloodstream. Since his diagnosis, it's been easier to combat those disease-bearing Sternhells.

Throwing his weight behind the decontamination campaign this week was the interior minister, who's also some kind of a vice or deputy premier or some-such position. On this occasion, for a change, he wasn't out to exterminate germs of the Arab, left-wing, or even homosexual (they're sick, poor things) varieties. No, this time he sounded the alarm against migrant workers and their children, who he said were known to carry infectious bacteria "such as hepatitis and tuberculosis and AIDS, and are endangering the Zionist enterprise." He's worth listening to, Eli Yishai. He certainly must have read the chapter in his history book on unclean nations who should be gotten rid of, along with the lice they are infested with. Meanwhile, we can keep them in forced labor camps.

Not only politicians, but also certain competent health authorities have been attacked by this obsessive-compulsive anxiety of late. A friend recently sent me a Magen David Adom blood donors' form, which demonstrates that nothing has changed since the great scandal a few years ago concerning discrimination between blood taken from various "categories" of people. The form is worded quite cleanly, but its purpose was and remains filthy: Homosexuals and Ethiopians were then and still are not wanted at blood banks - and if they do donate, their blood will simply be destroyed.

This then is the overall picture of the viral and/or bacterial hazards thwarting each and every attempt to turn this land into a sterile living space, with only pure blood allowed in. And this was the list used by Jack Teitel the serial killer: lefties, homos, Arabs, messianic Jews, migrant workers, or even local ones as long as they're black or slant-eyed.

At least the Ethiopians could derive some cheer from one item that emerged this week: "The army is training Ethiopian trackers to guard the nuclear reactor at Dimona," reports said, adding that, "For reasons of security classification, the use of Bedouin trackers is not permitted." An old-time officer in the trackers unit explained: "A true tracker has to be someone who grew up outdoors, in conditions of poverty and hardship, and who went out to the desert or the hills with the herds from a young age."

By virtue of their deprived childhood, and of their anti-Bedouin virus and high-security clearance, a new blood-brotherhood has been formed - for which the Druze and Bedouin have already paid the price.

At last, the Ethiopians will be allowed to serve as the bloodhounds and guard dogs of the self-defending Jewish democracy. They will be allowed to contribute blood to us without being suspected of carrying viruses, if not through Magen David Adom then at least through the Israel Defense Forces.