Online Blitz Map Shows Every Bomb That Landed on London in WWII

Some 43,000 civilians died in the seven months of the Nazi attack, known as the Blitz. A new interactive map shows the full extent of the onslaught.

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A section of the online map of the Blitz on London.
A section of the online map of the Blitz on London.Credit: Screenshot

Almost 75 years after Nazi Germany launched its air blitz against the United Kingdom in an attempt to bring that country to its knees, an online project has created an interactive map pinpointing the landing sites of the some 30,00 bombs that fell on London.

The Bomb Sight webpage, a collaborative effort between the University of Portsmouth, the National Archives and a team of web developers, is based on maps compiled during the Bomb Census Survey of 1940 to 1945,

It can be searched using street names and boroughs and has timelines showing when and where bombs fell on the first night of the blitz and subsequent weekly censuses.

Some 43,000 civilians died during the Blitz, between October 7, 1940 and June 6, 1941. Almost half the fatalities were in London. The onslaught slowed and then stopped after Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

Dr Kate Jones, the University of Portsmouth geographer who devised the project, told BBC News: "When you look at these maps and see the proliferation of bombs dropped on the capital, it does illustrate the meaning of the word Blitz, which comes from the German meaning lightning.

"It seems astonishing that London survived the onslaught."

Bomb Sight is also available as an Android App, which uses GPS to guide users to bomb landing sites.