One Palestinian Killed After Israel Air Force Strikes Gaza

According to the IDF and the Shin Bet, the strike targeted a terrorist planning to carry out attacks on Israel.


A Palestinian was killed last night and two others were wounded in the northern Gaza Strip by an Israel Air Force strike, the Palestinians reported.

The dead man was identified as Mohammed Awar, 33, a resident of Beit Lahia. According to the army and the Shin Bet security service, Awar was involved in firing rockets at Israel. Awar was also a member of the Hamas police.

Palestinian sources in Gaza reported that an Israeli aircraft had fired at a motorcycle in the Sudaniya neighborhood and that several aircraft were still hovering in the Gaza skies after the strike. The sources said one of the wounded was a resident of Beit Lahia in his 20s, and the other was 7-year-old boy who was riding with his family in a nearby car.

Awar’s militant cell fired rockets at Sderot and Gaza border communities on April 21, near the end of the Passover holiday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the strike that the IDF and Shin Bet "carried out a precise action and will continue to act forcefully against anyone who tries to harm the security of the citizens of Israel."

"This is the true face of Hamas," Netanyahu said. "It keeps planning terror attacks against Israeli citizens even when it is part of the Palestinian government."

The Shin Bet described the cell as “an extreme Salafist infrastructure that had conducted a number of rocket attacks and was working over the past several months to advance terror attacks of various kinds, including an anti-aircraft attack to shoot down a helicopter.”

The Israel Defense Forces said it would not tolerate “attempts to harm citizens of the State of Israel or IDF soldiers” and would “act against any source of terror against the State of Israel.”

Earlier, on Wednesday morning, Palestinian terrorists fired a Qassam rocket at southern Israel that landed near a major road in the Eshkol Regional Council. No casualties or damage were reported. Residents of one of the nearby communities reported hearing the rocket’s whistle before it landed.

On Sunday, the head of the Military Intelligence research department said terrorist organizations in Gaza have hundreds of rockets with a range of 80 kilometers, enough to hit Tel Aviv and the surrounding Gush Dan area.