Olmert's Lawyers Withdraw Demand to See 'Olmertours' File

Attorneys for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his former office manager, Shula Zaken, retracted their demand to obtain all the material police have gathered so far in the "Olmertours" case, in which Olmert is suspected of billing several agencies for the same flight and using the extra money to finance personal trips.

The attorneys withdrew the request yesterday after State Prosecutor Moshe Lador told the Jerusalem District Court on Sunday that there was no reason to give them this material, because it had nothing to do with the case of American Jewish businessman Morris Talansky. Olmert's attorneys had sought the material in order to prepare for their cross-examination of Talansky - who is suspected of giving Olmert about $150,000 over a period of about a decade - slated to take place on Thursday.

Lador told the court that the two cases intersected only at one point: During his interrogation last Friday, Olmert told police that some of the money he received from Talansky was used to finance some of his trips abroad.

But Thursday is not expected to be Talansky's last day of testimony, and Olmert's attorneys said they may resubmit their request to receive the Olmertours material before the next court session.