Olmert Opened Consulting Firm Before Leaving PM's Residence

Address of Ehud Olmert Consulting Services registered as 3 Balfour St., Jerusalem - now the home of PM Netanyahu.

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert opened his own consulting firm last month, a mere week after leaving office.

In fact, he had not even moved out of the prime minister's official residence - the official corporate register lists the home address of the new firm's owner as 3 Balfour St., Jerusalem, which is now the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Olmert is the sole owner of the firm, called Ehud Olmert Consulting Services.

On the very same day that he registered his new company, April 7, Olmert also filed a petition to the High Court of Justice asking that his scheduled hearing with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz be postponed. Mazuz has tentatively decided to indict the former premier in three separate cases. Mazuz opposed Olmert's request, but the High Court accepted his arguments regarding his cancer treatment and granted the postponement.

Associates of the former premier said that registering a new company requires filling out one form that takes roughly five seconds, and hence does not entail any pressure that might negatively affect his health.