Olmert and Zaken Request Court Delay Corruption Trial

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert and his one-time bureau chief Shula Zaken asked Jerusalem District Court to postpone Olmert's trial yesterday on a litany of charges that include accepting bribes, fraud, breach of trust, falsifying documents and income tax evasion. Earlier this week the court ruled that the reading of the indictment would be held on September 29, but defense attorneys asked that it be pushed to between October 11 and 14.

Defense attorneys Eli Zohar, Roi Blecher, Navot Tel-Zur, Yehuda Weinstein and Micha Pettman wrote that they had asked prosecutor Uri Corb to provide them with the list of evidence they had collected for the case. Corb replied that he had no such list, but that the evidence he intended to present is dispersed in a number of different binders.

The defense attorneys said that the dispute over handing over presenting evidence meant that the initial hearing should be postponed. They said a list of evidence would clarify whether any disputes existed regarding the evidence to be presented.

"Under these circumstances it seems it will be impossible to hold the hearing on the date that has been determined," the defense attorneys wrote.