Officer Cleared of Leaking Probe Info to Topaz

A policeman suspected of leaking information to Dudu Topaz during the undercover investigation against the entertainer was cleared in a Justice Ministry probe.

The suspicions arose days before Topaz's arrest last month, when a perusal of his phone records found dozens of conversations with a friend who was a senior officer. But the ministry probe concluded no information was leaked in the conversations.

Meanwhile, two additional indictments filed in the Topaz case yesterday accuse the entertainer of plotting additional attacks on leading television personalities.

According to the indictments, he originally intended to throw acid at Shira Margalit, an executive at Channel 2 television franchisee Reshet, and regularly bought cocaine from Ofir Sasportas.

The two indictments include one new one against Sasportas, and an amended one against Topaz that adds Roman Aleyev as a defendant.