Of Punks and Fools

It's not the system that has to be changed, it's the fools. It's not easy: The fools are as numerous as the sands on the beach, and public opinion is like those shifting sands.

It's not the system that has to be changed, it's the fools. It's not easy: The fools are as numerous as the sands on the beach, and public opinion is like those shifting sands. People say, "The people are wise," and "The public is not stupid." But excuse me, where is the proof? And don't bring proof from the fools.

"The people have had their say." Then so be it. So why don't we respect these people, according to whose word everything is created? On the contrary, let a chauvinist right-wing government be formed and let the public follow its path. Who knows, maybe we'll be convinced; maybe next time we'll vote for them.

That's not what's happening. As long as the right hand is stronger, it needs support like the arms of Moses - which were heavy. The nationalist camp looks into the mirror, peeps, is frightened by its face, and begs for a blindfold. And it's as though there were no choice but to save it from itself for reasons of national responsibility.

We must not leave them by themselves, these crazy ones. From here will arise the demand to restore the ancient glory of "the voice of the people is the voice of God."

Foolishness is not limited only to one side. Once someone here thought that punks belonged only to the right; he was mistaken. They are found en masse on the left, too, but with diplomas.

Tzipi Livni became so powerful in their eyes that she overshadowed everyone who trailed behind her; and Tzipi herself did not know that she was a leftist. Only 10 days have passed and it is already clear that she will have no difficulty finding a common denominator with Avigdor Lieberman. The dispute between them is not insoluble. There is someone to talk to, and there is something to talk about. I open my window and from all sides hear sounds of vomiting and the cleaning of toilets. From hour to hour it becomes more nauseating; it will be so frightening in the end, and it's all because she's sinking, she knows. She despaired so quickly of "a different kind of politics."

Her attempt to form a coalition may not succeed, and Kadima will take a place in the opposition. And then what? In order to serve as an opposition, two conditions must be met. First - to sever oneself from the fleshpots, and I would like to see Shaul Mofaz, Tzachi Hanegbi, Meir Sheetrit, Haim Ramon, Dalia Itzik and Avi Dichter following their principles in a barren land. And a second condition - to be an ideological and ethical alternative.

To condemn corruption, for example. And Kadima, which has not removed its corrupt members, is an iron comb of torture. They must either stop the flood of privatization - Sheetrit is sticking his finger in the dyke - or fight for open areas and clean air - Gideon Ezra is lying on the barricades. Or they must prevent adventures from Tehran to Aswan - Mofaz is leading the opposition. And on the way to the division of Jerusalem, to the removal of settlements and to withdrawal from the Golan, Hanegbi is the pillar of smoke and fire. And leading the brigade of the guardians of law - the tattered Haim Ramon. With such a good opposition, a bad government has no chance.

This was a "strategic vote." It did not block Benjamin Netanyahu and it tore the left to shreds. Thus the right captured not only the government, but the opposition as well.

And now, idiots, go search for your friends, your new representatives.