School Demands Teacher Resign, After Pupils Find and Nude Photos on Her Tablet

'The school is punishing her for the invasion of her privacy’ says teacher’s lawyer.

Shirly Seidler
Yarden Skop
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A tablet. When a teacher in Ashkelon left hers at school, students found nude photos of her on it and posted them on WhatsApp. Credit: Bloomberg
Shirly Seidler
Yarden Skop

A teacher from Ashkelon was asked to resign after pupils found her nude photos on a tablet she had forgotten in class.

The school subsequently called for her resignation, but she refused to resign and went on sick leave. One of the pupils also disseminated these photos to his friends through the WhatsApp mobile messaging service. The teacher’s lawyer is considering pressing charges against the pupil.

According to the lawyer the pupils found the photos earlier this week on the tablet which was left behind by mistake. The teacher claims that she didn’t know the photos were on the tablet since they had been taken with her cell phone and subsequently deleted. Apparently the photos were synchronized with her tablet through the Cloud.

The lawyer said that “when the school summoned her to a hearing, it claimed that these photos damage her credibility and morality. However, she is the victim here, but it’s much easier to get rid of her rather than confront the pupil who invaded her privacy and disseminated the photos.”

The teacher has been on leave since last Monday, and cautionary letters were sent to the school since it asked her to resign although she had committed no wrong. Another letter was sent to the parents of the minor who had sent out the photos.

“She is in bad shape since this happened. An employee relies on his employer to look after her and her rights, but here the opposite occurred and she received no support” said the lawyer. “The school is punishing her for the invasion of her privacy, when she didn’t even know the photos existed. We demand that the school reinstate her and apologize.”

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) said on her Facebook page that the pupils were sex offenders according to Israeli law, yet the teacher was wronged and is the one penalized.