Explosive Device Detonated Near Gaza Border, No One Wounded

Bomb was detonated as IDF soldiers patrolled the area, located near the Egyptian border.

An explosive device was detonated on Wednesday morning as IDF soldiers patrolled the Gaza border fence near Kerem Shalom, close to the Egyptian border.

No one was wounded in the incident.

Earlier this week, armed assailants opened fire from Egyptian territory on a bus carrying soldiers along Route 10, near the Philadelphi route. No one was wounded in that incident either, although there was damage to the bus.

Another shooting incident that occurred last month on the Philadelphi route resulted in the death of Saeed Fashafshe, 35, of Haifa, a contractor who was carrying out work along the border for the Defense Ministry.

That incident took place not far from the village of Be'er Milka, when an armed terrorist cell crossed the border into Israel at a point where there was no fence, and set an ambush for the two vehicles that were at work completing the border fence there.

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Alon Ron