No Way to Construct a Dialogue

Let the demonstrations continue with increased gusto and force, because the government is not ready to talk.

The dimensions of the so-called "round table," which were published yesterday, are enough to worry one to the core. Is he still alive? Is he still working? The carpenter, that is - that same craftsman who constructed the table in the Knesset plenum that had to allow enough room for the largest government in the history of the state. And now the table has to seat the largest-ever "dialogue team" - 15 ministers no less, with observers Limor Livnat and Michael Eitan too.

And we haven't yet counted the experts who are supposed to join, or the uninvited and embittered, who will show up and get in the long line. And perhaps the carpenter too has been devoured by the jaws of the cartels.

lieberman netanyahu - Emil Salman / Tomer Appelbaum - September 12 2010
Emil Salman / Tomer Appelbaum

There was no need for a round or any-other-shaped table in the first place. There's a prime minister in Jerusalem - one has to assume - who has already "understood and internalized" the message, as his ministers testify in a parrot-like manner on the TV. He should be sitting down with his advisers, making decisions and heralding, sooner rather than later, significant changes in his order or priorities and economic doctrine.

Only his character remains the same: Like a slick furniture salesman, he misleads his customers, looking to play for time until the rage passes - and a new one appears in September.

Already yesterday, Avigdor Lieberman was sent out to open a new front, and heat it up as much as he possibly can. The foreign minister spoke of the Palestinian Authority and how it is "plotting unprecedented violence and bloodshed." And thus he calls on all Israelis, and the 300,000 in particular, to prepare: "What will happen when 30-40 thousand try to force their way through the Qalandiyah checkpoint, and how are our officers and soldiers expected to behave?"

The answer is in the body of the question: Of course we will shoot at them, as is customary in the region. Has Arthur Finkelstein arrived in Israel? Is Netanyahu paying his salary too?

With us, things are different: Who failed to praise the exemplary behavior of the protesters from home, as opposed to the barbaric Palestinians who are about to come and riot?

Responsible people won't consent to participate in a multi-party symposium that is devoid of all authority; and Netanyahu has already heard "thanks, but no thanks" replies from a number of economists.

The post of team chairman has gone to Manuel Trajtenberg, former head of the National Council for Economic Planning. And how could he refuse, if he is among the planners of Sodom and a nest of vermin that requires cleansing trails in his wake too? Trajtenberg replied therefore in the affirmative, expressing his awareness of the "profound responsibility and extent of the expectations."

Never fear, Professor; relax; there are no expectations at all, for now.

Had they asked me, I would have advised not taking part in the show from the very beginning. The necessary and sufficient conditions for a poignant dialogue on eradicating the parasites and swine have yet to materialize; look what the system did to America.

Let the protest leaders recruit a messenger, arm him with the list of demands, and place them there in a pile on the table - as soon as the carpenter completes his work. And let the demonstrations continue with increased gusto and force. Because this is not the way to construct a dialogue.