No Prosecutor? Judge Drops Case Against Noam Federman

Extreme right-wing activist Noam Federman was acquitted yesterday of attacking a policeman after prosecutors failed to show up at his trial due to the prosecutors' strike.

Federman was indicted for attacking a policeman two years ago when a police contingent were evacuating a family of settlers from an illegally built home near Hebron.

When the prosecution failed to appear yesterday, Federman's attorney, Asher Ohayon, said he would be happy to prove the injustice done to his client by the police. But since Federman had completed his law studies and could not begin his internship because of the charge pending, and since the prosecution was not present, Ohayon asked the Judge Rachel Shalev-Gertel to drop the charge.

"This is the second time a lawyer has not appeared for a hearing in this case. The first time, a continuance was granted because a lawyer was ill, and now the prosecutor did not appear because of the strike," said the judge. "The accused and his attorney came to the hearing, as did the witnesses waiting outside."