Young Woman, 19, Suspected of Trying to Kill Her Infant Son 5 Times

Petah Tikva court indicts woman for attempting to strangle and drown her 8-month-old baby.

The Petah Tikva District Court on Thursday indicted a young woman, 19, who allegedly tried to kill her infant son on five separate occasions.

The woman is suspected of attempting to strangle and drown her 8-month-old baby. A district psychiatrist has deemed the woman fit to stand trial.

According to the indictment, in June 2008 the woman pulled her baby into her lap and started to strangle him until his lips turned blue and he stopped breathing. She then put him into his stroller, called her husband and told him that their son was not breathing. Her husband called the ambulance, which came and evacuated the baby to Schneider Hospital in Petah Tikva.

In July, while the baby was hospitalized, the woman again tried to strangle him until he stopped breathing. She then called the ward doctor and told her to come urgently as the infant was dead. It turns out, however, that the baby was still alive.

Later that month while on a visit to her husband's mother, the woman again allegedly tried to strangle the baby again as slept in his stroller. Once again, the child turned blue and started to foam at the mouth. The woman then tried to wake her husband and when he failed to stir, she alerted the grandmother. The husband then awoke and called for an ambulance that took the baby to hospital.

After the baby was sent home, the woman sat with him in an armchair in her lounge and began to strangle him until he turned blue. Immediately afterward, she placed him in his stroller and called her husband who rang for an ambulance and took the child to hospital.

At the end of July, while bathing her son in hospital, the woman turned him face down in the bath and held his head under the water for several minutes. When she realized that he wasn't breathing, she lifted him up, wrapped him in a towel, and asked another woman present to call a doctor. The medical team was able to save the child.

According to the claim by the state prosecutor, the woman has confessed to the acts that she has been charged with.