Workers in Galilee Town Protest Possible Closure of Food Factory

Haifa District Court to determine if a receiver will be appointed for Pri Galil's parent company.

About 700 employees of the Pri Galil processed-food company on Tuesday protested the possible closure of their factory in the Galilee town of Hatzor Haglilit.

The Haifa District Court was due to determine Tuesday if a receiver will be appointed for Pri Galil's parent company Vita Pri Galil, which owes NIS 160 million to the Bank Leumi and Israel Discount Bank.

The workers fear that such a step could lead to closure of the factory and firing of workers.

Many farmers and students including members of Hanoar Haoved ve Halomed, a socialist youth movement, joined the rally, which took place along the town's main road. Several heads of nearby regional councils also came to show their support for the workers.

Residents of Hatzor Haglilit have also launched a general strike in the town.

Shimon Swissa, Head of the Regional Council said Monday that, "The closure of the factory is a closure of the entire community, which means a 30 percent unemployment rate in Hatzor. All means are legit in this struggle. Someone in Jerusalem must wake up. Two different states are being formed, and no one cares."