Woman Sues Prison Service for Nixing Her Candidacy Because of Pregnancy

She'd passed the aptitude tests for social work and was awaiting assignment, claims Reut Gilad

A candidate for a job at the Prison Service (Shabas) is suing the state for NIS 286,000, claiming she had been rejected for the position because she was pregnant.

Reut Gilad complained to the Labor Tribunal in Haifa that in April 2006, she presented her candidacy to be a social worker at the Prison Service, a position that included building a rehabilitation plan for prisoners.

She passed the interview stage successfully, Gilad claims, and the aptitude tests too, and her name was entered into the Prison Service database for placement.

In July 2006, before she could actually begin to work, Gilad learned that she was pregnant. She called the head of the Social Workers at Carmel Prison, Ziv Bar-Levy, to announce her condition.

On the spot, she charges, Bar-Levy told her that the Prison Service had reconsidered accepting her for the job. Two weeks later she received notice that the service had hired somebody else.

She claims that the Prison Service discriminated against her on the grounds of pregnancy, and had made no effort to assign her other work.