Woman Sentenced to 12 Years for Drowning 4-year-old Son

Plea bargain reached despite child's father's insistence that she receive life in prison.

A Tel Aviv court on Sunday sentenced Regina Kruchkov to 12 years for drowning her four-year-old son last year.

Kruchkov pleaded guilty to killing the boy by drowning him in a tub in a plea bargain reached last month.

After the boy's death last year, Kruchkov's brother said that she had suffered from depression since separating from her partner, who is also the child's father, the previous year.

The boy's father had opposed the plea deal, insisting that Kruchov should be imprisoned for life.

"The prosecution weighed his opposition and in the end decided to accept the plea bargain," said Kruchov's attorney Orit Hayoun on Sunday.

The judges of the Tel Aviv district court said in their sentencing, "We can't ignore the tragic outcome that was the loss of a child's life. There is no action that can justify what the accused has done."

"A young boy lost his life and suffered horribly during his last moments at the hands of the very person he relied on and trusted completely," the judges said.

Despite the aforementioned gruesome circumstances of the crime, the judges decided to approve the plea bargain that had been reached.

"In the end, we found the plea bargain acceptable enough that it did not require our infringement," they wrote.