Woman Jailed for 14 Years Over Murder of Israeli-American Girl

Trial over the murder of Dana Bennett underway; Bennett's mother: She should have received a life sentence.

The Nazareth District Court sentenced a woman, Y., to 14 years in prison and 30 months probation for aiding in the murder of the Israeli-American Dana Bennett and the Czech tourist Silvia Molrova.

Dana Bennett went missing in 2003 and her remains were found this past May, when a police investigation led to Y.'s arrest, as well as the arrest of Adwan Yahiya Farhan, the main suspect in the murder case.

In the original indictment, Y. was charged with the murder of Dana Bennett, but the prosecution negotiated a plea bargain where she was charged with two counts of aiding and abetting murder - once in the case of Bennett and once in the case of Czech tourist Silvia Molrova. The move was made so Y. would testify against the main murder suspect, Farhan, her ex-husband.

Bennett's mother, Vicky, said after the sentencing that she consider Y. a murderer.

"She should have received a life sentence," said Vicky Bennett. "I understand that the circumstances necessitated a plea bargain, and at least she received the maximum sentence the prosecution asked for. But it must be remembered that she was able to prevent Dana's murder if she would have called the police after the murder of the Czech tourist. 14 years isn't enough. She will be freed, return to regular life, get married and have kids."

Y. will testify on Wednesday in the trial of Farhan as a witness on the part of the prosecution. Vicky Bennett said on Monday that she will be present at the hearing. "I know it will be a very difficult day for me, to hear what happened the day of the murder," she said. "I hope he will get three life sentences."