Woman Arrested for Hiring Hit Man to Kill Mother-in-law

50-year-old fell out with would-be victim after she refused to give her money she had asked.

A 50-year-old Upper Nazareth woman was arrested on Sunday by Valleys Police on suspicion of hiring a contract killer to murder her mother-in-law.

Chief Superintendent Avi Algarissi said the women fell out with each other when the 80-year-old refused to give her daughter-in-law money she had requested.

After police received information about the suspect's intentions, a detective contacted her, posing as a contract killer. They met in a park in the city on Sunday, where she gave him an advance payment. She also showed him the house of the would-be victim and when she opened the door for him to carry out the attack, he arrested her.

The woman has apparently no criminal record. Police will request of the Nazareth Magistrate's Court to extend her remand on Monday.