Woman Allegedly Attacked by IDF Officer Still in Serious Condition

Security officer for IDF General Staff attempted to rape the woman, who is now 'starting to get delusional', according to her lawyer.

The young woman who was allegedly raped an attacked by a security guard working for the Israel Defense Forces General Staff is still in serious medical and emotional condition, the victim's lawyer said on Sunday.

"The young girl is in a serious mental condition, she is shaking and quivering, and is starting to get delusional," the 22-year-old woman's lawyer reported on Sunday.

Tel Aviv police arrested on Saturday morning the IDF officer, who belongs to the unit tasked with guarding the General Staff, on suspicion of attempting to rape the woman.

At 2:00 A.M., police received a report that a woman was calling for help in the nightclub district near the Tel Aviv port. People who noticed the 22-year-old lying down on the floor later called large police forces to the site.

The Yarkon District Special Anti-Terror Unit located the woman, who was wounded and naked. She subsequently told police that the officer, who holds the rank of captain, assaulted her as she was en route to her car at the end of a night out in the area. She said he dragged her to some nearby bushes, beat her and tried to rape her.

According to the victim, she did not lose consciousness and fought back, managing to force him to leave her.

Police found the suspect after conducting a search of the area in which the incident occurred. They then brought him in for questioning, when it emerged that the man was a 30-year-old IDF officer who serves in the prestigious unit that guards the army's most high-ranking commanders.

Police noticed that the suspect's face was bruised, and during a preliminary investigation, he was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

According to the girl's lawyer, "the main problem in this case is identification. It isn't one of those cases where it's possible to argue whether it was consensual or not."

"I am glad that such girls exist in Israel, girls who are incredibly resourceful and can act with level-headedness," said the lawyer.

According to the lawyer, the young girl isn't hiding what happened to her and is being supported by family and friends. "I am glad that there are people who are helping her and have a quick understanding of the situation. Like the people who heard her screaming that night and saved her from brutal rape," she added.

In regards to the suspect, the lawyer said that "it deeply angers us that the man isn't taking responsibility for the act. It's unbelievable that there are people who are trained to be strong, but take advantage of that strength against weak women. She would very much like to see the man put to justice.