Winograd Panel Member Questioned Over Political Considerations

Dror: I was misquoted in the interview. I was referring to the public's need to make political decisions - not my own.

Winograd panel member Professor Yehezkel Dror appeared Wednesday in front of the Knesset State Control Committee regarding the controversial remarks he made concerning the political considerations that were taken into account by the war panel's members.

A few days after the report on the Second Lebanon War was released, Dror was quoted in the Ma'ariv daily as saying that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should remain in office despite the committee's damning report because of the peace process and so that Likud head Benjamin Netanyahu does not rise to power.

Dror told the committee that he was misquoted in the interview and he was referring to the public's need to make political decisions and not his own.

"This whole media storm was caused by a distorted headline in Ma'ariv. This is very grave, not only to me personally but to the entire public," Dror said.

Committee members Likud MKs Limor Livnat and Michael Eitan slammed Dror, saying that the report was forever blemished now since it is obvious that it was a political document.

"You have the abilities of an academic but not a politician," Eitan said, "you should have never given that interview."