Why Israelis Hate the Left, Or, How to Speak Leftist

This is the second in a series of exercises in over-generalization , following Ten reasons the left hates Israel - five good, five bad. Apologies are tendered in advance to the rational left, the members of whom often hate the following as much as Israelis do.


Why do Israelis hate the Western left?

  • Because Arabs can murder, rape, starve, maim, torture, deport, excommunicate, honor-kill, abuse, extort, rocket, shell, assassinate, suicide bomb, humiliate, jail without due process, occupy, and enslave other Arabs without eliciting peep one from the evolved, hypersensitive consciences of the Western left ? unless the silence is broken in order to find Israel and its U.S. ally responsible.

    How to Speak Leftist: Blame the West

    Arabs have been subjugated and colonized for centuries. The interventionist and occupation policies of the IDF and its Western sponsors promote infighting among Arab allies, in order to divide and continue to conquer.

  • Because Palestinians can meat-cleaver, rocket, machine-gun, bludgeon or bomb Israeli civilians to death, without the Western left making a sound.

    How to speak leftist ? Blame Israel

    Example: Talkback in response to apparent terror stabbing death of settler, Monday:

    It must be easy holding a gun to somebody`s head and calling them a terrorist when all along you have been demonizing them and restricting their freedom ,but then again you are taking out the holocaust frustrations on weaker people, which in your eyes makes you strong, put your gun down and face the Palestinians even handed and see how far you will get, you are bloody cowards.

    Monty, no address listed

  • Because in recent years, attacks on Jews, Jewish graves, synagogues and other Jewish institutions in Eastern and Western Europe and in North America have reached levels unseen in recent memory, and in many cases in which Muslims were behind the incidents, the left has been notably reluctant to voice condemnation.

    How to Speak Leftist: Blame IsraelIsrael's crimes against the Palestinians have been the driving force in the rise of contemporary anti-Semitism and attacks on Diaspora Jews.

  • Because nationalism on the basis of Palestinian cultural affiliation is celebrated as the natural right of a disenfranchised people with a common history of enforced displacement, and who trace their origins to ancestral homeland ? while Jewish nationalism on the same basis is condemned as inherently and irrevocably racist and illegitimate.

  • Because the Western left absolves the Palestinians of all responsibility for their fate, holding Israel solely responsible for the plight of the Palestinians, their choice to pledge fealty to the armed struggle rather than call Israel's bluff and take concrete steps toward statehood.

  • And because the Palestinians are not held accountable for their refusal to wage a specifically non-violent struggle for independence, instead relying on macho-drenched violence, which does little but alienate the world from the Palestinian cause.

    How to speak leftist:

    The withdrawals from Gaza and Lebanon prove that resistance is the only way to force Israel to relinquish conquered territory. The lopsided pro-Palestinian votes in the UN prove that the Palestinian cause has not been hurt by Besides, Israeli policies make non-violent protest impossible.

  • Because some elements of the left are willing to countenance and euphemize actual genocide when practiced by Muslims in places like Darfur, while missing no opportunity to accuse Israel of systematic genocide, when describing Israeli attempts to repel suicide bombings and other terror attacks.

    How to speak leftist

    Example: Talkback response from Mo, NYC:

    Zionist forces who turn a blind eye to the wholesale depravation and oppression of Palestinians are making Dafur a cause celebre. The questions the left asks are -- why are people whose hands are very dirty with human rights abuses, with wholesale cultural annihilation vis-a-vis the Palestinians (not genocide, but destruction of cultural and institutional resources and identity) -- why are such people suddenly focused on Darfur?

    If Darfur is an example of a bad situation (and it certainly is, no one on the left is denying that), why doesn`t it make you wake up to what is happening in your own back yard, to which you are a party? Could it be that Darfur is an attempt at evasion/redirection? Could it be that any human rights issue if it involves Arabs as perpetrators is pounced on by Zionists to avoid attention to their own misdeeds? That`s what troubles the left.