Why Is Obama's Popularity Waning Among Jewish Voters?

While support level is still a healthy 64 percent, Jewish backing has dropped nearly 20% since January.

The latest Gallup poll indicates that in September, President Obama's approval rating held steady at 52 percent. He has dropped from the stratosphere into the rough-and-tumble territory of normal politics.

Among Jews, his support level is still a healthy 64 percent - but far lower than it once was.

While Jews are still far more pro-Obama than whites in general (who are at 44 percent), Jewish backing of the president has declined from their 78 percent vote for him in November and their 83 percent approval rating in January.

Obama's decline in Jewish support is much like that among Hispanics and other whites, who have been drifting downward for months. Clearly the long march toward health care reform has taken its toll.

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