When Ehud Met Gordon

LONDON - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met Chelsea manager Avram Grant Tuesday morning. He later met with his British counterpart, Gordon Brown, and the two statesmen reviewed the English soccer Premier League extensively.

In a press conference the two held, Olmert said he is proud of the achievements of Israelis abroad, and as a Manchester United supporter he wishes Grant luck in every game but one. But since Chelsea was already defeated by Manchester United, Olmert wished Grant luck in all other games.

Brown referred to Iran's nuclear program. Calling Iran's behavior "unacceptable", he repeated his government's commitment to tougher sanctions on Iran, to be imposed by the UN Security Council as well as by the European Union.

Brown stressed the importance of the Annapolis peace summit, which Olmert said would take place in November. Olmert said a joint Israeli-Palestinian statement will address the "core issues", but will not outline solutions. He said the summit's main goal is to pave the way to detailed and rigorous negotiations on the core issues at a later stage.