WATCH: Protesters Burst Onto Stage of Live Israeli News Broadcast

Channel 10 execs file complaint against 3 women who slid past security by pretending to deliver pizzas.

Channel 10 executives on Wednesday filed a police complaint against three protesters who burst onto the stage of a live news broadcast the night before, disrupting the program.

News presenter Guy Zohar was taken aback when the protesters streamed into the studio of his "The Day that Was" news show. Zohar can be seen looking off to his right with a startled look on his face, saying "oy voy, voy" and tossing his hands up in the air.

Zohar managed to keep his cool and waited for security personnel to remove the protesters from the studio.

The three women were striking television writers, protesting the fact that the nightly TV broadcast had decided not to cover their work dispute.

The protesters had managed to make their way past security guards by entering the building and pretending to be delivering pizza.