WATCH: Dramatic Footage of IDF Rescue of Sailors Lost at Sea

Five Ukrainian crewmen were pulled from sea after their cargo ship sank off the coast of Lebanon.

The five Ukrainian sailors who were rescued at sea off the coast of the Lebanese town of Tyre were released on Sunday from Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

The crewmen were extricated from the water by the elite rescue unit 669 after their freighter ship, the Sala II, sank on its way to Israel.

A video clip released by the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson's Unit provides a glimpse into how the dramatic developments unfolded.

The footage, which was shot by a military patrol helicopter which hovered above, depicts how one of the rescued sailors was spotted as he was floating in the choppy waters.

The cargo ship, which set sail from Greece, sank some 80 kilometers from the Lebanese coast. NATO and Israel Navy ships were summoned to the area and managed to rescue one of the sailors.

Five other survivors who stayed afloat by holding onto rescue flotation devices, were spotted in the area where the ship sank.

The crew on the ship numbered some 13 Ukrainian sailors, seven of whom are still listed as missing.