VIDEO / Police Suspect Mob Link After Man's Hacked Corpse Found in Petah Tikvah

Discovery made after woman found severed head in a plastic bag in the dumpster of her apartment building.

A man's severed head and his body were found in two close but different streets in Petah Tivka on Sunday. It is one of the most shocking murders in Israel in recent memory.

Police say the victim was a local resident in his thirties with no criminal record, though Central District police investigators, working in tandem with local police and forensic experts, believe the killing may be tied to underworld activity with international links.

A maintenance worker found the severed head in a plastic bag in an apartment building's dumpster. The woman, who said she reached into the trash and felt a human head in a bag, screamed for help, and neighbors called the police, who found the rest of the mutilated corpse nearby.

"I entered the room where the garbage is, and I saw a big mess. A lot of garbage was on the floor, and I started organizing the bags when I felt something in one of the bags," the maintenance worker said. "I looked inside, and I saw a head inside the bag."

A paramedic who arrived at the scene said the perpetrator deliberately cut off the victim's head "in cold blood." Along with the head were several knives and an ax.

A female friend of the victim's had summoned police when she found part of his corpse in an apartment of Sprinzak Street. The woman said the victim was a 35-year-old immigrant from the former Soviet Union.