Video Footage Helps Convict Caretaker of Abuse of 18-month-old Twins

Tel Aviv District Court convicts Galina Gorazkin, 32, of Petah Tikva, who will be sentenced next week.

The Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday convicted a caretaker accused last year of mercilessly abusing the small children in her care.

Galina Gorazkin, 32, of Petah Tikva was convicted with the help of video footage depicting her physically abusing 18-month-old twins from Ramat Gan for whom she was caring. The parents had set up the video camera to determine the quality of Gorazkin's care.

Gorazkin did not deny the charges stemming from the footage, but protested against additional charges in the indictment to which she had confessed. After Gorazkin requested that Judge Uri Shoham annul the confession, a secondary trial was held on Gorazkin's claim that she was pressured to confess by investigators who took advantage of her precarious position.

Shoham rejected Gorazkin's claim and ruled her confession admissible. The defendant's sentencing will take place next week.