Vice Premier Ramon Testifies to State Comptroller on Wiretap Case

Testimony revolved around the use of wiretaps by police investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against Ramon.

Vice Premier Haim Ramon on Sunday testified to the State Comptroller in regard to the use of wire tapping by police in the investigation of his trial on charges of sexual misconduct in 2007.

The testimony, which lasted over two hours, focused on recordings police made through the use of a hidden wiretap, whose existence police did not disclose to Ramon or his attorneys during the trial.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss said that during the testimony Ramon presented the progression of events from his perspective.

Ramon was found guilty in early 2007 of having committed an indecent act, in forcibly kissing a woman soldier.

During the trial, Ramon's attorneys complained that police had kept the fact of the wiretapping of the minister hidden from them, and that this had worked to the detriment of Ramon's defense in the case.

They also questioned the basis for the order that allowed the tapping operation

In the coming weeks, additional witnesses will be called to testify, including Interior Security Minister Avi Dichter, who will be expected to testify on the connection between the Shin Bet security service and police in the affecting of the wiretap. Dichter was still serving as head of the Shin Bet when the wiretapping began.

Also expected to testify in the near future are Police Commissioner Dodi Cohen and his predecessor Moshe Karadi, as well the former head of the police investigative unit Moshe Mizrachi, and the former head of the national fraud investigative unit Miri Golan.

Lindenstrauss will also call Tel Aviv District Court head Judge Uri Goren, who approved police use of wiretapping against former head of the prime minister's bureau Shula Zaken, during the investigation of the tax authorities case.