Vandals Deface Former Nazi Concentration Camp

Anti-Semitic graffiti discovered at Austrian memorial Mauthausen; police are investigating.

Vandals have defaced a former Nazi concentration camp with anti-Jewish and anti-Turkish graffiti, Austrian authorities said Friday.

The spray-painted graffiti extends about 10 meters (33 feet) along the wall of the former Mauthausen concentration camp, which is now a memorial site, according to police in Upper Austria province.

The vandalism was discovered Friday morning and is being investigated, police said.

Local politician Josef Ackerl, a Social Democrat, said the incident showed the urgent need to monitor the extreme right better.

A similar incident happened in February 2009.

The Nazis murdered or worked to death about half of the 200,000 inmates in Mauthausen's main camp and its affiliates. The camp got its name from the nearby town of Mauthausen, about 155 kilometers (96 miles) west of Vienna.