Uri Geller Conjuring Up an Exit?

Paranormalist to market for startup Skills & Games

Who hasn't heard of Uri Geller, self-proclaimed telekinetic spoon-bender? Now the world of startups will have heard of him too.

Geller, who has been hosting a show "Uri Geller seeks a heir" on Channel 2 television, will be marketing and handling public relations for the company Skills & Games, which is creating skill-based games for Internet.

Co-founder Rami Sadeh commented that Geller will be receiving a substantial holding in Skills & Games in exchange for promoting it world-wide.

Also, Sadeh says, Skills & Games will be developing games based on Uri Geller's image and the world of the paranormal that he represents.

The match with Geller was made by Arie Amit, president and partner in Skills & Games, who took part in Geller's TV show.

Skills & Games is presently completing the development of a new game that should be available within a few weeks.

So far its financing has been confined to a few hundred thousand dollars from private backers. Sadeh says it's also wrapping up its first financing round, totaling several million dollars, again from private investors (as opposed to the likes of venture capital funds).

He refused to divulge any details, even a teaser, about the game under development.

The point of skill-based games is that you win by skill or not at all: luck plays no part, Sadeh explained. Gamers will be able to win money.

Skills & Games' offerings are not the kind that are prohibited by Israeli or American law, he added, based on the company's lawyer's opinion. Roulette and black jack, which are luck-based, are the sort of game that have a legal problem.