Unknown Assailants Torch Car Belonging to Haifa Judge

Incitement against judges must be stopped, said Supreme Court Justice Dorit Beinisch after the incident.

Unknown assailants on Sunday night torched a car in Acre belonging to Haifa Magistrate Court Judge Moshe Gilad. No one was hurt in the attack.

Police said that Gilad was at home when his car was set ablaze nearby. Police also plan to increase security for Judge Gilad.

Acre police chief superintendent Avi Adari said in an interview with Army Radio that the car had been used exclusively by Gilad.

"At this point we can't be certain that the attack was meant specifically for the Judge," Adari said.

Authorities in the Galilee pointed out that a police prosecutor and two other policemen live close to Judge Gilad's residence. They said there had been previous criminal activities in the area.

"In the past, the tires on the police prosecutor's car were punctured. All possible factors are being investigated," Adari said.

Neighbors of the judge told Haaretz they did not hear any unusual noises at the time when the car was set ablaze.

This incident follows another act of violence against a judge, which occurred less than two weeks ago when angry litigant threw his shoes at Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, hitting her in the face.

Beinisch responded to the car torching incident on Monday by saying that incitement against judges must be stopped.

"We need to see where the incitement starts at every level, including in talkbacks, and stop it," Beinisch said while speaking to a group of students at a the Hareali School in Haifa.

The assailant in Beinisch's case, Pini Cohen, told police that he threw the shoes to take revenge for a verdict, but regretted having done so.

On Sunday, the Shalom Court Jerusalem held proceedings against Cohen.

The presiding judge, Alexander Ron, said Cohen "not only threw a shoe at President Beinisch; He also threw a shoe at the Supreme Court and the Israeli rule of law."