U.S. 'Lord of the Flies'-based Reality Show to Air in Israel

The show was panned by the U.S. press and cancelled after only one season.

A controversial U.S. reality show called "Kids Nation," which features children aged 8 to 15 left in an isolated location and tasked with creating a viable society, will air in Israel on Hot Family and Yes Stars starting January 1.

The show, whose general premise is similar to that of William Golding's novel "Lord of the Flies," was panned by the U.S. press and canceled after only one season.

Critics said it failed to live up to initial expectations and that it raised concerns over the alleged exploitation of its participants.

Reality television shows have gained enormous popularity in Israel over recent years.

The Israeli version of the show "Big Brother" finished its first season on Tuesday night, with scores of viewers tuning in to see which of the "characters" would survive the final round of eliminations and come out a winner.