Two Suspected of Trying to Kill Man for Pimping Druze Prostitute

Suspects, both Druze, say pimp is sullying good name of Druze people; suspects say shots fired in self defense, not intent to kill.

Two Druze men, one currently serving as a border policeman, are suspected of having tried to kill a pimp for sullying the good name of the Druze people by employing a Druze prostitute.

The Haifa Magistrate's Court extended the remand of the two suspects by two days of Saturday.

The two suspects visited a Haifa beach on Friday night and confronted the pimp, who is also Druze. The two were allegedly enraged over his activities and the verbal confrontation developed into a physical brawl. The border policeman was struck with a club and at some point pulled out his military-issue weapon and fired a shot. The two suspects were consequently arrested.

The two men denied during questioning that they had tried to kill the pimp. According to defense attorney Lior Bar Zohar, the border policeman pulled out his gun in self defense, while blows were being traded, and shot into the air and on the ground.

Zohar maintains that the police made a mistake "when it chose to believe the testimony of questionable people and refused to take into account the reliable testimony of a police officer and another normative person."