Two Palestinian Cars Torched, Scrawled With 'Price Tag' Graffiti

Similar incident occurred earlier this week, apparently by settlers angry at government policy on construction.

Two vehicles in a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank were torched early Friday. The vandals, who have not yet been located, scrawled the words "price tag" on one of the cars.

The incident was apparently carried out by settlers, who have taken on the phrase price tag as part of their protest against Israel's temporary construction freeze in the West Bank.

A similar incident was carried out on Wednesday morning, when unknown vandals sprayed a Star of David with the name Mohammed beside it on a mosque in the West Bank village of Hawara.

The words "Thank you God, for not making me a Gentile" were spray-painted elsewhere in the village and two cars were torched in another location. No suspects have yet been caught.

About two months ago, a mosque in the West Bank village of Yasuf was torched and Hebrew graffiti scrawled on the walls.

Yeshiva students in the West Bank coined theb term "price tag" policy, whereby settlers have vowed to attack Palestinians in retaliation for government actions against West Bank settlements.