Two Men Injured in Shooting Incident in South Tel Aviv

Police believe shooting was criminally motivated; Petah Tikva man shoots estranged wife, kills friend.

Two men were injured on Wednesday night in a shooting incident in south Tel Aviv.

Police rule out a terrorist background and believe the shooting, in which the two were lightly and moderately wounded, was criminally motivated.

The perpetrators fled the scene and have been searched for by Yiftach Region Police.

On Tuesday, a 28-year-old Petah Tikva man critically wounded his estranged wife and killed another man, before trying to kill himself.

The couple separated a few weeks ago, and the husband, a security guard, left their Petah Tikva apartment and moved to Ariel. Police said that when he had told his wife of his intention to come, she asked the victim Andrei Metosov to come over, fearing her husband might try to harm her.