Two Killed and 12 Hurt in Traffic Accident in North

Car crashed into an oncoming commerical vehicle; among those injured are actors from Tel Aviv's Cameri Theater.

Two people were killed and 12 injured on Thursday when a car tried to overtake the vehicle in front of it, and crashed into an oncoming commercial vehicle in northern Israel.

The passengers in the commercial vehicle were actors from the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv who were returning from a show.

The people killed on Route 77 near Ramat Yishai were the driver and the passenger from the private car, two men in their 40s from Kiryat Shmona. Two people from the commercial vehicle were hospitalized in serious condition - the driver and the actress Yelena Yarlova, while the rest of the casualties were in light to moderate condition.

The director of Tel Aviv's Cameri Theater, Noam Semel, told Army Radio that he and the other actors are "praying that Yelena returns to acting as soon as possible."

Noam said the accident shocked the actors of the Cameri Theater. "The actors that were in another vehicle just saw their friends laying on the road. It was horrifying. They went to the hospital with their friends and refused to leave."