Two Israeli Brothers Die of Heart Attacks Minutes Apart

Police: The two were working in an olive grove; one collapsed, the second went for help - and collapsed.

Two brothers collapsed and died one after the other on Saturday while working in their olive grove in the Arab village Jadeidi-Makr in the northern Galilee.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene found one brother in critical condition along the dirt rode leading to the olive grove, and transferred him to a Nahariya hospital for treatment, where he died shortly after admission.

The second brother was found dead among the trees, apparently from a heart attack.

From their initial investigation, police estimate that the brothers, Kamal and Annuar Hamado, were working the land when the Annuar, 60, fell ill and collapsed.

Kamal, who was with him, ran toward Highway 85 leading to Acre to find help, and also collapsed.

Police have ruled out criminal involvement in the brothers' sudden deaths.