Two Haifa Residents Indicted for Strangling, Killing 58-year-old

Charge sheet says accused, aged 26 and 37, strangled Sharon Yaniv with belt during argument over debt.

The Haifa district prosecution indicted two residents of the northern city on Sunday for strangling and killing a 58-year-old friend over a debt.

Sharon Yaniv, the victim, had told police a number of weeks before the incident that Rachel Zahavi Nakar, 37, and Avraham Ben Ze'ev, 26, had threatened to kill her.

According to the charge sheet, the accused had made the acquaintance of Yaniv about two years ago and since then they regularly spent time together at her home. In 2008, Ben Ze'ev and Yaniv quarreled over a sum of money he said she owed him.

The accused visited the victim's home about a month ago, and cooked a meal at her request.

According to the indictment, they all then ate and drank together, with Nakar and Ben Ze'ev goading on Yaniv to drink alcoholic beverages even though she was taking medication at the time.

At a certain point during the meal, the three started to argue over the matter of the debt and the accused allegedly decided to murder her. They subsequently killed her by strangulation with a belt, stole her wallet and then fled from the scene.