Two Charged Over Theft of IDF Chief of Staff`s Credit Card

One of the accused men was allegedly given details of the card by a soldier who owed him money.

Two men were indicted Wednesday for their alleged involvement in the theft of a credit card from the office of the Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff.

The two men were named as Mohammad Majadele, 22, and Nashaf Sadir, 20.

According to the charges, Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi's credit card data was stolen last month by a soldier who serving as a security guard at his office, who then gave the details of the card to Majadele to pay off debts to him.

Majadele allegedly used the card to purchase items worth around NIS 1,700 at a store in the Sharon region where he is employed. Unbeknownst to him, a cashier at the same store purchased a further NIS 620 worth of goods on the same card.

Police also suspect that the soldier stole a decorative handgun from Ashkenazi's office and sold it to criminal operatives. When the soldier discovered that the handgun was not functional, he allegedly stole a rifle from a fellow soldier guarding the Kirya's front gate, in order to repay the NIS 4,000 he received for the handgun.