Two Bnei Brak Teens Charged With Raping Their Younger Sisters

Brothers confessed to crime last week after girls' school learned about the alleged molestation.

The Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday charged two teenaged brothers from Bnei Brak with allegedly raping their younger sisters over the course of three years.

The brothers, 15 and 17, were arrested for allegedly raping four of their sisters - aged 4 to 11 years old - from 2005-2008. The older brother has also been charged with molesting and sodomizing another sister, 13.

The brothers were arrested last week, after the staff at the girls' boarding school learned that one of the sisters had been victim to molestation.

Both of the boys have confessed to the charges being held against them.

It is still unclear whether the siblings' parents knew about the abuse which took place in their home.