Truck Driver Jailed for Four Years for Killing Cop in Road Accident

Moshe Cohen had reached plea deal last week, admitted manslaughter of 48-year-old Jackie Lugasi.

A truck driver who hit and killed a senior policeman in February was jailed for four and a half years by a Tel Aviv court on Thursday.

Moshe Cohen, 45, of Ramat Hasharon, was last week convicted after reaching a plea deal in which he admitted to manslaughter and driving while intoxicated.

Cohen ran over army canine-unit commander Jackie Lugasi, 48, while the latter was helping his son fix a flat tire at Morasha Junction on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

The prosecuting attorney said Cohen's friends testified to consuming two bottles of vodka with him prior to the accident. The prosecutor asked the Tel Aviv District Court to hand the driver a five-year sentence, while the defendant's lawyer sought a 30-month sentence.