Truck Driver Charged With Allegedly Running Over Cop While Drunk

Moshe Cohen swerved onto shoulder of the road last month, killing police commander Jacques Lugosi.

The Tel Aviv District Prosecutor on Monday filed an indictment against a truck driver suspected of killing a police captain while allegedly driving drunk.

Jacques Lugosi, who served as commander of the Police Canine Unit, was killed last month while helping his son change a flat tire on the side of a road near the Morasha Junction.

The driver, Moshe Cohen, was allegedly intoxicated when his truck swerved onto the shoulder and struck the parked car next to which Lugosi was standing.

According to investigators in the police traffic division, a breathalyzer test taken following the accident revealed that Cohen's blood alcohol level was 335 micrograms, higher than the legal limit of 240.

"He had 25 criminal convictions and 22 traffic violations, the most recent in 2004," said Yaniv Sharon, division commander.

Defense Attorney Ruth Azrialant, argued, however, that blood tests taken at the hospital revealed that the amount of alcohol in Cohen's blood was borderline and not over the limit as asserted by police.

The prosecution has requested that Cohen remain in police custody for the duration of the proceedings.