Trial of Pacifist Continues

The trial of Yoni Ben-Artzi, imprisoned by the Israel Defense Forces for his refusal to serve in the army, will continue Monday with the testimony of Yoni Yehezkel, another pacifist who was recently released after serving two weeks in the IDF.

Yehezkel will testify for the defense on the process which the IDF adopted in recognizing him as a pacifist and releasing him from military service.

The same IDF committee that recognized Yehezkel as a pacifist, refuses to grant the same recognition to Ben-Artzi, who has already served five months in military prison.

Also expected to testify at the trial is Ben-Artzi's sister, Ruthi, who is expected to give her version of her brother's development as a pacifist.

On Tuesday, the deliberations over the case of five 12th graders, who are refusing to to be conscripted into the IDF, will continue. The five, Hagai Matar, Matan Kaminer, Shimri Tzameret, Moam Bihad and Adam Maor, are not refusing to join the army because they are against war, but because they consider the IDF to be an army of occupation.

The five will present their arguments to court on Tuesday for refusing to enlist in the IDF.

A demonstration in support of the refuseniks will be held in front of the military court in Jaffa on Tuesday.